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Pelyang Boutique lies in the heart of the beautiful capital city of Bhutan, offering the essence of elegance and authenticity as well as immersed in luxury and happiness while being enclosed within the hustling Thimphu city.

A unique fusion of contemporary, modern and traditional Bhutanese design with alluring ambience made 80% from Tsuga Dumosa Shing (also known as Bhutanese Hemlock tree) in all 36 rooms and 20 % from Tshende Shing (also known as Kimbu Tree -royalty special class tree) in the lobby areas giving an organic atmosphere and meaningful experience of unparallel level of service and personal attention you seek for.

Zhukham-Health and Fitness

Zhukham-Health and Fitness

Relax, Rejuvenate, Rejoice

Enjoy the easy access towards the city center by just few minutes walking distance yet feel an atmosphere of endless elegance with holistic treatment of wholesome facilities to recreate yourself. Besides the location, the beauty of nature also calls out with an impeccable view of the Himalayan mountains and energizing the natural environment within.

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Zakhang-Taste and Tradition

The fine dining spot at pelyang boutique serves top quality flavorful Bhutanese and continental cuisine as well as exotic vegetarian Indian dishes that are bursting full of flavors, creativity and savory made from fresh, organic and locally produced vegetables from Bhutan. Our Zha Khang also focuses on a homely and cozy modern Bhutanese interior offering the finest service and best level of dining experience. The abundance and range of fresh produce available allows Zha Khang to tailor many vegetables only...

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Zakhang-Taste and Tradition

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If you’re like most travelers, your trip to Bhutan will include time in Thimphu, the country’s capital.

And hopefully you are like most travelers, as there are a slew of awesome culturally immersive experiences to be had in this city.

Often, these incorporate beautiful views and natural twists — which makes sense, as Bhutan is 72% forest covered.

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