Pelyang Boutique

Pelyang boutique , the endless choice of happiness

Like we say “where there is no struggle, there is no story and if there is no story there is no value“ Pelyang Boutique is as valuable as its story where it was built by the owner Ms. Tenzin Dolma of the most renowned handicraft shop in Bhutan widely known as Lungta handicraft which was first established in 2004. Pelyang boutique started initially when her late husband Mr. Tshering Tashi was sick with a chronic disease, even though since it was his dream and his dying wish to build an exquisite hotel in the heart of the city where excellent service and pure leisure can be provided to our future guest.

Our story

Brand Value

  • Guest centrality
  • Flexibility and Consistency
  • Employee Value
  • Quality and Innovation
  • Unique Experience
Brand Value

The logo of Pelyang depicts the aromas of a burning incense, that blends with excellence in our service and the green color representing freedom, purity and happiness as well as the theme of our restaurant food production that is 100 % vegetarian. The 3 numbers also symbolizes the three jewels of refuge in Buddhism that is Buddha, Dharma and Sanga.