Farmers(Sunday) market with organic food products

About 10 minutes’ drive from clock tower, near Wangchhu river and just north of Changlimithang Stadium is Thimphu’s busiest domestic market. Her Royal Highness Ashi Dechen Yangzom Wangchuck inaugurated the current Centenary Farmer’s Market in the year 2008 before which famers operated the open, on structures of rows with roofs and tents in between.

National stadium changlimithang

The national stadium occupies the site of the 1885 battle that helped establish the political supremacy of Ugyen Wangchuck, Bhutan’s first king. There are regular football matches here and it’s also the focus for holiday celebrations such as the King’s birthday.

Coronation park

Coronation Park, also known as the Centenary Park is located at the entrance of Thimphu on the banks of Wangchu (River). It is a popular picnic spot adorned by a statue of Buddha which is placed at the centre of the park. With beautiful varieties of flowers, sixty species of plants and trees, the park is also lined with a number of benches around it. The view of the river and the magnificent Buddha statue is picturesque and sublime. 

Bhutanese traditional bridge near farmers market

Bhutan National Post Office

The museum flaunts artifacts and unique stamps that narrate the history of Bhutan and the journey of post in Bhutan.

Bhutan Postal Museum is located at the ground floor of Bhutan Post office. The museum flaunts artifacts and unique stamps that narrate the history of Bhutan and the journey of post in Bhutan. It emphasizes on Bhutan’s rich culture and traditions through images and the prints on the stamps. It also highlights Bhutan’s efforts to conserve the unique environment.

Lungta Handicraft for one stop souvenir shopping

Lungta Handicraft has been one of the well renowned Handicraft dealer in the country. With products ranging from Antiques to the modern design of textiles, one would not miss a chance to gift your family, friends and relatives while back home.

Riverside handicraft market and local products only during weekends

Thimphu is the place, where you can explore both the traditional life along with modern life. Among all places in Thimphu, the Handicrafts Market will attract you the most for its colorful vibes. It is also known as the Authentic Bhutanese Crafts Bazaar. There are almost 100 shops in this market with alluring souvenirs. These shops which are lined in a row at a mile’s stretch crafted from bamboo, selling colorful authentic handicraft of Bhutan.

The shopkeepers in the shops mostly are Bhutanese women who will always welcome you with a heartwarming smile. All the products in the shops are procured from the local villages of Bhutan. It is a market where you can spend long hours shopping.

All Bhutan Banks

Banking in Bhutan is a fledgling industry that has grown slowly as the country has pursued modernization.

Zangto Pelri temple of guru Padma sambhav

Close to the Weekend Market, this modern chapel was built in the 1990s as a representation of Guru Rinpoche’s celestial abode by Dasho Aku Tongmi, the musician who composed Bhutan’s national anthem. The older Mani Dungkhar Lhakhang beside it contains some enormous prayer wheels, and between the two is an elephant skull in a box – reputedly unearthed while digging the foundations.